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How Apiary took user targeting to the next level with LaunchDarkly
We have a strong continuous delivery culture at Apiary, but it proved to be hard to scale our environment variables. LaunchDarkly provided us with everything we needed to scale our delivery pipelines out.
Lukáš Linhar, CTO, Apiary
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About Apiary
Apiary makes collaborative design stack for APIs and in based in San Francisco and Prague. Apiary is on a mission to disrupt the way APIs are built and used. Apiary does for APIs what GitHub did for coding. Apiary provides hosted PaaS platform helping companies design and develop APIs faster.
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Apiary had a home grown feature toggle system that was not intuitive
Apiary Before LaunchDarkly
Apiary was using a homegrown feature flagging solution. The UI was rough and only usable by developers. The sales department wanted to use feature flagging to enable and disable different customers but couldn’t as the homegrown interface was clumsy and unintuitive. Furthermore, Apiary could only release to one segment like a beta group. They couldn’t do anything more finely tuned like an incremental percentage rollout.
Why They Chose LaunchDarkly
Apiary wanted to bring the benefits of feature flagging from just engineering to throughout their organization. With LaunchDarkly, they can now roll out to an increasing percentage of their users and slowly test a new feature. Another requirement was that their feature flagging platform could be used across the company.

Apiary chose LaunchDarkly because anyone in the whole company could enable a feature toggle. For instance, as their VP of Product is speaking with a customer, he can go into the LaunchDarkly dashboard and enable a feature for them. Another benefit was more advanced targeting than their homegrown solution. For Apiary the product was straightforward, and they were able to replace their homemade solution with LaunchDarkly in just 1-2 weeks.
Better user targeting and teamwork with LaunchDarkly