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Full Lifecycle Feature Management

Flag Management Dashboard

One dashboard to manage the lifecycle of your features from local development, to QA, to production. Manage multiple different software projects with their own development environments.

LaunchDarkly Dashboard & Feature Flag Manager
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Percentage Rollouts

Gradually release a feature to your users to reduce risk and assess performance.

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Custom Targeting Rules

Target users based on any attributes, like age, country, email, and "beta" with their own percentage rollouts.

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Audit Logging

Get real-time visibility into every feature flag change in your system.

Feature Flag Audit Log
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Custom Roles

Create flexible policies that provide fine-grained access control to everything in LaunchDarkly.

Custom Roles for Feature Flags LaunchDarkly
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Feature Management
Feature Flags
Easily create and manage unlimited boolean and multivariate feature flags that can return strings, numbers, JSON objects, and JSON arrays.
Flag Statuses
Manage technical debt by knowing when flags are safe to remove.
Percentage Rollouts
Gradually roll out new features to a percentage of your users.
Custom User Targeting
Turn features on or off for individual users or segments.
A/B Testing and Analytics
Run A/B tests for your features leveraging our Optimizely and New Relic integrations.
Web and Mobile Support
Feature flag SDKs for your entire stack. REST API for custom integrations.
LaunchDarkly Web and Mobile SDKs
Microsoft .NET SDK Feature Flags / Feature Toggles PHP SDK Feature Flags / Feature Toggles Python SDK Feature Flags / Feature Toggles NodeJS SDK Feature Flags / Feature Toggles Java SDK Feature Flags / Feature Toggles JavaScript SDK Feature Flags / Feature Toggles Ruby and Rails Feature Flags / Feature Toggles Go Feature Flags / Feature Toggles iOS Mobile Apple Feature Flags / Feature Toggles A Mobile SDK for Android Feature Flags / Feature Toggles
Team Management
Projects and Environments
Create projects for each of your different software applications, with environments for local dev, QA, staging, and production.
Team Support and Security
Invite and manage your entire team, use multi-factor authentication for added security.
Audit Logging
Visibility into the full lifecycle of your feature flags.
Custom Roles
Permissions system for comprehensive access control.
Enterprise Support
Enterprise support packages and on-premise installations available.
Webhooks API to build custom integrations for feature flag changes in LaunchDarkly.