Team Members
Invite individual team members to your LaunchDarkly account. Plans with a single user account require teams to share a single LaunchDarkly login, while other plans allow individual team member collaboration, enterprise access controls, SSO, and more granular audit logging.Learn More
Projects allow you to manage multiple different software projects under one LaunchDarkly account. For example, you can create one project called Mobile App and another project called Web App. Each project will have its own unique set of environments and feature flags.Learn More
Environments allow you to manage your feature flags throughout your entire development lifecycle — from local development to QA, staging, and production. This allows you to create individual development environments and manage rollouts for your entire development process.Learn More
Monthly Active Users (MAU)
These are the number of unique users across all environments over your billing cycle. Anonymous users can be tracked by session, so a single user who visits multiple times will only be counted once.
Audit Log
The audit log gives teams full visibility into their feature flag management — the who, what, and when of all feature flag changes. You can even create custom webhooks and integrations to stream audit log events to Slack or Hipchat.Learn More
Multi-factor Auth
Multi-factor authentication (MFA) improves the security of your account by requiring a second verification step in addition to your password to log in.Learn More
A/B Testing
LaunchDarkly lets you create goals to measure the effectiveness of a feature. You can track click goals, page view goals, or create custom goals. We track all user events and let you see exactly how a feature is performing. Our analytics dashboard will help you see which feature variations are performing the best.Learn More
Performance Monitoring
Harness our New Relic integration to annotate New Relic transactions with feature flag information. You can use this data to correlate feature flag variations with changes in application performance or error rates.Learn More
Custom Permissions & Roles
LaunchDarkly's basic role-based permission system provides global access control levels for team members based on a set of built-in roles (reader, writer, or admin / owner). Customers on enterprise plans also have access to LaunchDarkly's custom roles system. Custom roles allow you to create flexible policies providing fine-grained access control to everything in LaunchDarkly-- from feature flags to goals, environments and teams. With custom roles, it's possible to enforce access policies that meet your exact workflow needs.Learn More
Analytics Data Stream
The Analytics Data Stream provides a real-time stream of raw analytics data, including feature flag requests, analytics events, custom events, and more. You can then use this data for your own data analysis and custom integrations.Learn More
Single Sign-On (SSO)/SAML
Single Sign-On of SSO enables teams to add LaunchDarkly as an application to their exising Application Catalogue with supported SAML vendors.Learn More
Premium Support
LaunchDarkly offers custom support packages tailored to your team's needs, including private support channels and enhanced SLA.Learn More
Private Slack/HipChat Support Channels
LaunchDarkly offers custom support packages tailored to your team's needs. Enterprise customers can receive a private Slack or HipChat support channel to communicate directly with LaunchDarkly engineers.Learn More
Reusable User Segments
LaunchDarkly lets you easily target any users or groups of users. You can send us any user attributes (age, name, beta plan, country, etc) and then build custom rules to target based on those attributesLearn More
Webhooks & Integrations
Our webhooks allow you to build your own integrations that subscribe to changes in LaunchDarkly. This lets you expand feature flag management into your existing team management platforms.Learn More
Slack/HipChat Integrations
LaunchDarkly's Slack and HipChat integrations allows you to receive notifications about any activities in LaunchDarkly. When something is changed (e.g. when a feature flag is updated, when a new team member is invited to LaunchDarkly, and more) we'll send a notification.Learn More
Private Instance
In addition to our SaaS cloud offering, LaunchDarkly offers private managed instances available in a single tenant infrastructure to our largest enterprise customers. This is provided as a premium offering with the opportunity for custom SLAs and integrations. Learn More
Unlimited Real-Time Feature Flags
LaunchDarkly lets you create unlimited feature flags that update in real-time. You can create both boolean and multivariate flags to get full control over any feature or configuration.Learn More
If you want to build a custom integration, export your data, or want to use LaunchDarkly on a platform that we don't currently support, we provide a REST API. All of our SDKs are built on top of the LaunchDarkly REST API. In fact, the entire LaunchDarkly web site is driven via the same API, so it's heavily tested and complete.Learn More
LaunchDarkly SDKs
LaunchDarkly provides easily installable SDKs for all major platforms, both web and mobile.
Microsoft .NET SDK Feature Flags / Feature Toggles PHP SDK Feature Flags / Feature Toggles Python SDK Feature Flags / Feature Toggles NodeJS SDK Feature Flags / Feature Toggles Java SDK Feature Flags / Feature Toggles JavaScript SDK Feature Flags / Feature Toggles Ruby and Rails Feature Flags / Feature Toggles Go Feature Flags / Feature Toggles iOS Mobile Apple Feature Flags / Feature Toggles Android Feature Flags / Feature Toggles Learn More
Email Support
LaunchDarkly provides a self-help center and a ticket system for all customers. You can also email with any issues. Learn More

Pricing FAQs

Can't I just build my own LaunchDarkly?
Feature flagging is a straightforward concept that becomes difficult to manage at an enterprise scale. It’s easy to manage one feature flag by modifying a configuration file, but when you have multiple feature flags across different environments, it’s hard to manage employee access, track changes, and avoid severe technical debt. Check out this article on building vs. buying a feature flagging platform to learn more.
Are there any long term commitments?
No. We want you to be happy with us. If you're not happy, cancel at any time and don't pay anything more.
How do you calculate a month?
We calculate based on a 30-day month, depending on when you signed up.
How do you calculate monthly active users (MAU)?
We calculate the number of unique users across all environments over your billing cycle. Anonymous users can be tracked by session, so a single user who visits multiple times will only be counted once.
Do you have free plans for non-profit, academic, or open-source projects?
Yes, please contact us at
Can I customize a plan?
Yes. We will be happy to work with you to develop a plan that meets the needs of your organization.
Do you offer annual pricing plans?
Yes. Contact us at and we will be happy to discuss annual pricing.
How do environments work?
Environments let you manage the feature flags on your development, staging, and production instances separately. Each environment has its own separate flag data and API keys. You can use environments to manage feature flags during local development, pre-flight flag changes in staging before rolling out to production, and more.
I have a question, can you help me?
Absolutely! Just email or check out more FAQs.