LaunchDarkly Security

Security is very important to us. We're dedicated to ensuring our customers can trust our platform to manage their software features.
These third-party assurances show how we've implemented security best practices on your behalf.

LaunchDarkly is SOC 2 Type 1 certified. An independent auditor has evaluated our product, infrastructure, and policies, and certifies that LaunchDarkly complies with their stringent requirements.

Platform Security
End-to-End Encryption

With LaunchDarkly your data is safe every step of the way.

Static Analysis

Our validated code means you will have predictable outcomes.


Our fault-tolerant architecture ensures feature delivery.

Penetration Testing

We participate in independent 3rd-party pen testing every 6 months.

Application Features
Multi-Factor Authentication

Make sure your data is protected, ensure user identity and validated access.


Connect to your existing SAML identity provider to manage team access.

Audit Logging

Get real-time visibility into every feature flag change in your system.

Custom Roles

Create flexible policies that provide fine-grained access control to everything in LaunchDarkly.

User Data

LaunchDarkly does not require any personal or identifiable information be passed to the service. With our enterprise plans, teams can collect information on flag usage and have the option of identifying known users for user targeting and granular control of feature rollout.